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The Bearpit Garden Begins

For almost two years now we have been working with the Bearpit Improvement Group on the community garden and greening of the space at James Barton Roundabout, or The Bearpit. The project has hit several bumps in the road and been almost derailed but we are excited to announce that we have a date for […]

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What Happened on Apple Day?!

Perhaps we had become used to the glorious autumn weather we have been having, but until 48 hours before the Apple Day events at the Edible Park, it hadn’t crossed our minds to check the weather forecast. So when we did and it announced unforgiving and relentless rain, there was almost a feeling that it […]

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Listen Up – This 100 Temple Street Dig Is Big!

So, you’ve (hopefully) heard about the Urban Food Growing Trail we’re creating – a walkable trail of edible gardens starting on Platform 3 at Temple Meads and more or less following the Brunel Mile as far as At-Bristol on Millenium Square. Here’s a map of confirmed garden locations to date (click to enlarge): Now, you see the 3rd location marker […]

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FED UP Info Sheet is ready for you!

Last Thursday, in collaboration with PRSC, we hosted a Food & Film Night. A massive thank you to everyone who came out, braving the cold, to eat wholesome food and watch FED UP with us. We hope what the movie shared about sugar, the food industry and metabolic diseases has inspired you to either make changes for yourself, […]

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Food & Film Night – FED UP

This Thursday 4th December, in another of our film night collaborations with PRSC, we will be showing the documentary movie FED UP at the New Building at PRSC in Jamaica Street (entrance in Hillgrove St.) Whilst this is a US movie, the issues are every bit as relevant here in the UK. “Narrated by Katie […]

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