The Bearpit Garden Begins

For almost two years now we have been working with the Bearpit Improvement Group on the community garden and greening of the space at James Barton Roundabout, or The Bearpit. The project has hit several bumps in the road and been almost derailed but we are excited to announce that we have a date for the first of several planting dates over the spring and summer.

The garden is going to be an interesting one, which whilst being edible will also be immensely beautiful and calming in a space that is often chaotic and busy. The garden is going to be there to be used by all, to create a cooling atmosphere as well as being productive and a safe space to sit within nature in the centre of a bustling urban area. The first planting day will see three mature trees planted as well as the plants that will make the edges of the garden. These will be a mixture of aromatic herbs used as low hedging, stunning willows that are good not just for pea sticks but also for weaving and whilst growing for using up water and avoiding puddling in the space. The trees whilst all being edible are also interesting species often not seen in the city, with the main tree also offering a pun on being in a roundabout! More on that once they are planted.

If you would like to get involved with planting this garden, the session will be from 12-4 on April 13th. Why not pop down and have a chat with other members of the Bearpit Improvement Group and give us a hand to plant and begin an exciting transformation of an urban space?

If you would like any further info, please don’t hesitate to contact

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