It’s A Revolution………

Edible Bristol are cultivating food justice by supporting communities, individuals and business to grow food all across the city. No space is too small, or too large, to cultivate crops to support communities and citizens of Bristol.

From back gardens and allotments, to community spaces, parks, and those lost, unloved corners, growing food is an act of defiance, of revolution and of system change. It begins a conversation and it brings people together through a shared connection.

After all, we all need to eat, so “if you eat, you’re in”

Across Bristol there are over 40 edible gardens in parks, street corners and station platforms that have been built and planted with our IncrEdible volunteers and partners. The food that grows there is free for anyone to take and eat. 

Want to be part of it? Here’s how you can:


an existing project.


what we're doing.


time, expertise or money.

Use the map below to locate the gardens which we work on regularly with volunteers, plus other gardens we support.

See our events page to find out when we’ll be working. Come and join us!