Castle Park Bed Preparation

The council’s own raised beds in Castle Park received a little TLC at the weekend when a group of #EdibleBristol volunteers swept in to weed and prepare the soil for planting in a couple of weeks. Amongst the team of happy gardeners were the good folk of Good Gym Bristol who ran their way from another Incredible Edible Bristol event at the Hen & Chicken in Bedminster.

Happy City Bristol Growing Challenge

Happy City at Bristol Harbour Festival 2014On Saturday, we set The Happy City Bristol Growing challenge in readiness for the Bristol Harbour Festival which is happening from the 18th-20th July 2014.

So what’s the challenge? To grow 1000+ plants for Happy City’s The Weekend Uprising of Happiness feature in Lloyds Amphitheatre.

If you want to take part here’s what you need to do:-

  1. Contact us to arrange to collect seeds from us.
  2. Grow 5 – 10 plants from the seeds you select.
  3. Bring them along to us the week before so they can be put into the Happy City feature in time for the festival.

Also – DO share your planting efforts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Project hashtag: #ediblehappycity


The Edible Bristol Front Garden Challenge

Todmorden’s edible canal path

We announced the launch of the Incredible Edible Bristol Front Garden Challenge at our inaugural meeting on 3rd March 2014. The idea is simple (not really a challenge at all!) and ties in beautifully with our vision for the UK’s first edible city. Manicured lawns and prickly, ornamental shrubs have their merits, but they don’t feed people. And concrete and paving slabs may be low maintenance, but they’re about as eco-hostile as it gets.

So fast forward to 2016 and the folk from Big Green Weeks suggest we put a garden outside their hub during Big Green Week (11th-19th June) and we come up with the idea that not only could we make a garden, but it could be what an edible front garden could look like. So we measured the size of an average parking space (2m x 4m) and we decided the garden would be that size but also made up entirely of edibles, pollinator rich plants and other such wonders, all of which after Big Green Week we can give away to our community gardens around the city! And it adds a pop up garden to the #urbanfoodtrail which is really thrilling.

So with this we began to think of restarting the Edible Front Garden Challenge and so here’s the challenge!! Come and see us at Big Green Week, take some of out info about how to get started if you need some practical help and get growing. And then tweet us @EdibleBristol or post to our Facebook group photos of what you have achieved and use the tag #ediblefrontgarden.

We’ll post the practical info here too so it’s available at the click of your fingers.

And if you don’t have a garden, don’t despair as you could make an edible hanging basket, or windowsill, and send us photos of that too.

Keep remembering……”If you eat you’re in”