Volunteering Opportunities Coming Up Soon

The year is running on and with more and more projects on the go, along come more and more volunteering opportunities. Here are a few coming up in the next couple of weeks!!

26th July-Millenium Square. Part of the new @Bristol FOOD exhibition are our new edible beds in Millennium Square that we are working on with Almondsbury Garden Centre. The second bed is to be prepped and planted this weekend, as part of the opening of the exhibition. W e will be in Millennium Square from 9 so please come along and lend a hand!!

30th July-All Hallows Church, Easton. From 9am we will be working on preparing the land behind the church so that it can be planted up as a new community orchard and food growing space. We will be there most of the day so feel free to drop in if you ahve a spare half hour, or to spend the day with us and bring some lunch.

31st July-Lockleaze Aventure Playground. Come along and help us turn a rather sorry veg patch back into a garden that the young people of Lockleasze can be proud of and enjoy. We will be there from 1.30-4.30

2nd August-Straits Parade, fishponds. Come and help us make the first bed of Edible Fishponds. Work will start at 10 and we will be there until the work is complete. If you have spare plants feel free to bring them along.

In the next few weeks there will be volunteer days at St Matthias Park, Marlborough Hill Street and more. Watch this space for details!!!!

The start of a Community Orchard in Easton

Recently we have been working with Diane Rowe at All Hallows Church in Easton, where there is a huge space behind the church that has never been properly used. However, all that is changing and there is now a plan to put in a community orchard as well as raised beds for herbs and vegetables. the work has begun already with some of the pupils from the City Academy spending a day starting to clear the space, and actually finding some blackcurrant bushes that someone has planted surreptitiously. We have organised the next work day for Wednesday 30th July, starting at 10 and would love to see anyone that might be free for an hour or two, or for the whole day or anypart of it. We’ll have a picnic lunch, so bring some food to share, and if you have children who might want to come along and join in then feel free to bring them!!

We look forward to seeing you!!

The Blackcurrants!!

The Blackcurrants!!

The work has begun-please come along and give us a hand to carry it on.

The work has begun-please come along and give us a hand to carry it on.

North Street Green

NSG1NSG2  duginthecompost alldonenow

Incredible Edible BS3 have transformed an area of North Street Green into a vegetable and herb patch for the neighbourhood to get involved with and enjoy. We planted beans, peas, onions, kohlrabi and other amazing plants. Seedlings, plants and compost were donated from various sources including Bristol Council, Almondsbury Garden Centre and local people. We will be making wooden signage  to explain what’s there and to let people know about the project in general and how to get involved.

Marlborough Hill Street

The improvement of a patch of ground on Marlborough Hill Street in Kingsdown sees our ongoing collaboration with PRSC step up a gear. The patch was discovered several weeks ago and had been taken over bu Buddleia which had been cut down to stumps but all of which was resprouting so we decided that this should be the next patch to be given the Incredible Edible/PRSC touch. So on Saturday morning we completely cleared the space. The buddleia roots were removed by Andy Hollier and his trusty mattock, we weeded and dug over, removed what seems like miles of plastic bag and raised the canody of the Sycamore tree on the site so that it became less dark and dingy.


The site is interesting as it is a definite walking route from Kingsdown into the city centre and we met a lot of people as they walked past, all of whom were really interested and gave great feedback on the work we were doing. Raising the tree canopy has made the route through the alleyway to the side of the site much lighter and there has also been a piece of street art put at the opposite end of this alleyway to the site which makes a direct link to the growing that will soon be taking place there.

In the next week or so we will be organising a planting day on this site so if anyone has any plants going spare we’d love to hear from you!!


One man and his   


The finished space, soon to be filled with edibles!!