Edible Fishponds Moves Forwards

As we move forwards, creating spaces for food with communities, we are very aware of creating food for all the communities in the city, and not just humans. Growing in an ecologically friendly way has never been so important, and especially in the parts of the city where there is huge competition for space. The Edible Fishponds gardens, on the busy Straits Parade are one of these spaces so we have set about creating gardens that can be sanctuaries for all.

To do this we have planted an orchard. Both spaces have had 5 new trees planted and as we carry on into the year those trees will be underplanted with herbs and edible flowers that will support humans and pollinators alike.The trees are quite mature and so will establish quickly and begin to create a harvest over the next two years, which will be available to the community of the area, as of course will be the herbs and flowers.

We’ll continue our monthly work parties in the gardens over the next months, putting in some small hedges of lavender, ensuring the trees get mulched and watered regularly, and ensuring the gardens continue being beautiful and productive. If you’s to come along keep your eyes on our work parties calendar and just pop along and get involved. Everyone, as always, is welcome. See you soon.

Siting the trees with our Incredible Community Gardeners

2019-An Incredible Year in Bristol

As we head into 2020 we thought it might be good to look back at our achievements in 2019 and look at plans coming in 2020. In many ways 2019 was a difficult year so before we go onto achievements we’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone across the city who helped and supported us through last year.

Last year saw our work with Severnside Community Rail Partnership increase as we supported the creation of the Secret Garden at Avonmouth station, working with community payback groups and corporate volunteers. The garden, under the supervision of our facilitator Luke, has gone from strength to strength, and is supporting lunch clubs at Avonmouth Community Centre with vegetables. This year will see us continue to work with the local community to grow more food and the garden continue to support outdoor learning and experiences in the Avonmouth area.

The work across the Urban Food Trail continued and the gardens are now becoming well established. The trees in Millennium Square saw their first good crop of fruit and many of the perennial plants really began to crop well. As we move forwards the Millennium Square gardens will be seeing a redesign over the next months, but we will ensure they remain as productive as possible.

Work in the Bearpit was put on hold for most of last year as we felt it was an unsafe space for our volunteers but once Bristol City Council had cleaned the space and it became safer we spent a few work parties down there, beginning a big tidy up and bringing the garden back to where it ought to be. Again as we step into 2020 we will be continuing this work, bringing food and nature to the city centre and working to create an urban harvest that is available to the whole city.

Another project we were thrilled to be a part of was the city centre’s Business Improvement District’s Greener Bristol campaign, which saw 36 individual raised beds installed a cross the city, all growing fresh herbs, fruit, salads and vegetables for people to help themselves to. This has been a fantastically successful project and we look forward to working on the beds as the year continues. We will be adding both nature friendly plants that support pollinators in the city and more vegetables and edible flowers to the beds over the coming months and invite everyone to help themselves to the crops.

We also engaged with our first team of core volunteers who are all committed to joining us at least once per month and to whom we offer some more structured learning about all things food growing and Incredible. We will be taking in new core volunteers every six months or so, with the next team being advertised for later in January and it has been fantastic to meet and work with such a great bunch of people and support them to learn more.

Finally this year will be the year we open our Learning Zone at Speedwell Allotments, where we will offer courses and workshops as we were doing previously. We have achieved a massive amount of progress at the site, and will continue to do so in the first few months of 2020, and we are excited to officially open the site and begin to support more people to grow in spaces across the city, and grow well and successfully!!

So as we move into 2020, Happy New Year to you all and here’s to a great year of growing both food and community!!