Over the last 4 years Incredible Edible Bristol have worked tirelessly on our Bearpit Garden, a now internationally renowned space, creating a place of calm in the chaos. Our commitment to this garden continues, and although for a while our open volunteer work parties in the garden will cease for the safety of our volunteers, our core team will continue to maintain the garden. We will be working alongside the wider stakeholder group to ensure that the safety of any of our team there, whilst supporting that stakeholder group with time and commitment.

Our achievements in the space are obvious to see. A garden full of fruit, vegetable, edible flowers and herbs, available to all.Work parties filled with people there to make change in the centre of a city they are proud to call home. Support from the wider horticultural world, and a call to come and talk about this garden from across the globe. The garden, to this day, has suffered no vandalism and regularly as we work people tell us what a transformation we have achieved. An achievement we would never have been able to make without the support of over 3,000 hours of volunteer support in the space.

Garden writer, author and Bristolian Lia Leendertz says of the space……

“I’ve been so delighted to see the revival of the Bearpit, and the garden is such a central part of this. I’ve lived in Bristol all my life so I know what the Bearpit has been: a completely neglected and overlooked space, a place to rush through as fast as possible to get from A to B. Now it looks cared for and loved, and there are people there tending and working, creating something. It’s beautiful to see plants growing in what would otherwise be a sea of concrete and cars. This is such a crucial junction for pedestrians in Bristol that it really deserves to be looked after and turned into something even more special.”

So now we ask you as a city to stand with us and support that wider stakeholder group to be able to turn the space into one of safety and inclusion for the 455,000 people of Bristol. On Saturday, along with Bearpit Bristol CIC, and supported by Bristol Waste Co, we will begin the work we hope that we can continue, by beginning the big clean up. There will be the opportunity to join us to garden, to mend containers, and to sow the seeds of hope that this extraordinary space, a gateway to our city, can once again thrive.

For further info please contact sara@ediblebristolorguk.wpcomstaging.com

Bearpit Garden


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