leavesGardeners Gold!! That sounds exciting does it not?

Well it is but not in the kind of way you might think. I’m certainly not going to advise anyone to dig or pan for gold on their plots but there is something that gardeners call Gardeners Gold that you can make now and your plot will love you for it, whether tiny or large.

Leaf mould is the most incredible soil conditioner and additive to home made compost that you can make. And it’s really easy to do. All you need is a cage made of chicken wire if your space is large enough to have that, or some black bags, and all the leaves that have fallen onto your garden or even into your street. Collect them up, put them into your bin or into the balck bags, give them a little bit of water and puncture the bags if you’re using that method. Then just leave them. If your using the bag method you can pile them up in a corner and they’ll just get on with it.

It does take around 18 months to rot down, mainly dependent on the type of leaves you have, so it’s worth doing every autumn so that you have a constant stream of amazing conditioner to add to your soil

And who said there was nothing to do in the garden at this time of year!!

There is still plenty of time to sow broad beans straight into the ground as long as it isn’t too wet and you can carry on sowing sweet peas.

Also, start ordering seed catalogues so that when it really is too wet and frozen to go out you can start to look at what is new that you might grow next year!!

A reminder of summer!!

A reminder of summer!!

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