Our volunteer and collaborator Fred Barker has written a piece on the empowerment getting involved with Incredible Edible Bristol can inspire. IMG_0815

What to do in these troubled political times?  How to make a difference?

Well don’t just leave it to the politicians!  Of course they have a role, but so do we all.

More than ever now, there’s much to be said for the mobilising cry “think globally, act locally”.

The work of Incredible Edible is a great way of acting locally whilst thinking globally.  It plants the seeds for conversations about the future of food production.  It involves people in a shared endeavour.  It helps create and sustain a sense of community.  It encourages kindness and generosity.  It begins to transform the urban environment.  It starts to show how more food can be grown in our city spaces.  Ok, it’s just a beginning, but the idea has caught on and is galvanising action all around the globe.

So those are some of the reasons I shall be rolling up my sleeves and getting down to the Bearpit next week, when volunteers are needed for a big push to transform one of Bristol’s more challenging urban spaces.

The aim is to create an attractive, calming and productive space amongst the hustle and bustle.  We’re part way there.  In addition to fruit trees, there is willow hedging, a shrub layer of soft fruit bushes and an under layer of aromatic herbs.  Artichokes, lavender, passion fruit and strawberries add to the mix.  So once established, there will be fruit and herbs that anyone can pick.

Next week we’ll be creating a more sustainable infrastructure for the growing, including a yard and compost area, and a new plant container.  There’ll be more planting to come.

As well as being productive, the garden will there for all to use.  It should make for a calmer and more inviting feel, with spaces to sit within the planting.

I think this, and projects like it, are a pretty good way to act locally.  If you’ve got an hour or two to spare it would great to see you.  Or maybe just drop by for a chat.



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