Incredible Edible Bristol has always been a political movement, one that wants to fight for food sovereignty, for food security and for resilient people and communities both in our beautiful city of Bristol and in the wider Incredible Edible community. We want to see prosperity redefined and health and happiness seen as at least as important, if not more so, than wealth. But as a movement we want to do that in a different way. We want people to be empowered, communities to change themselves and the power of tiny actions by many, many people to show a different way to our politicians and leaders.

But how I hear you ask? Well there are many positive steps that can be taken that can make change and offer hope and a kinder way of living, but none of this will happen without action. And by action we don’t mean clicking like on Facebook, we mean getting up and going out and doing something in your community to make positive change, either by yourself, or with your neighbours, your friends and your children.

But what can we do I hear you ask?
Starters for 10 might be

-get involved with Incredible Edible Bristol
-turn your front garden edible!
-grow some herbs on your windowsill
-join a community group or garden
-demand discourse with local councillors and MPs.
-do a litter pick
-teach your kids to be political with a small p
-support your local economy where you can.
-encourage action rather than meetings!!

But most importantly let’s all be kind.

A revolution of kindness.
Let’s share resources.
Let’s give of our time.
Let’s be the change we want to see.
People care. Earth care. Fair share.
The possibility of an Incredible world.


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