If you read our previous post you will know that we lost our poly tunnel to Storm Ellen and that we were preparing to launch a crowdfunder

Today is the day we launch our campaign. We are asking for £5000, to replace the tunnel, to build it properly so it is secure on our windy site, for compost and for tools. As we move forwards our aim has always been to have a site where we could create more opportunities for people to come along and learn more about food growing, both as communities and individuals, and the poly tunnel is central to that aim and vital for us to continue to propagate plants for the gardens across the city.

So how can you help? We know times are hard, and this especially has been dreadful and continues to be so. But a share to a social media platform, tagging us so we can say thank you, a couple of quid or a mention to your friends and neighbours all really help.

Thus far we have worked on this space for 2 years and we are almost there, with plans to start workshops and courses over the winter months and into the spring but without the tunnel active we cannot continue.

And so we thank you, in advance, for the help we hope you might give, and we look forward to a launch event in spring that will create opportunities for the whole city to get growing.


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