So far £670 has been pledged on our Spacehive crowdfunding bid and for every pound we thank the sponsor.

However, there is still a huge amount needed for us to get to the amount we have requested and actually get  penny of anyones money as if we don’t hit target, we get nothing.

So a quick explanation of what this money will do for Bristol, and also for towns and cities around the UK and beyond. The aim of Incredible Edible Bristol is to cover Bristol in edible plants, making a city where good, organic food is available to all. By creating community groups and allotments, working with schools, hospitals and doctors surgeries, parents groups, community centres and businesses, we can make this vision come true, but we need your help. In order to help get these groups off the ground we need to fund beds, compost and plants. We need to be able to fund tools and places for tools to be safely kept so that communities can grow food with the confidence that they have the right tools available. We need to create signage for each garden so that the people of Bristol know what is being grown in each garden and when it will be ready. We need to continue to build a website so that information is freely available and we need to have flyers and posters to let people know where we are working and how to get involved!

Thousands of man hours have gone into the project so far, all of which are volunteer hours and range from the work of the strategy team to wonderful folk who have turned up to garden and plant and dig. At this point I ask you to consider the future of food in Bristol. Our aim is to make sure you, your friends and family, can collect food all over the city that has been grown in the city, by the city. If you would like to share in this vision and make it a reality, please give what you can. A pound buys a packet of seeds. £5 buys a trowel or a watering can. £10 buys a fruit tree. Please give what you can afford to turn Bristol into the UK’s first edible city and to safeguard it’s food sovreignty.

Thank you.IMG_4504

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