This year we are really excited to be working with Avonmouth Community Centre, Severnside Community Rail Partnership and the Incredible Edible Network to support families to grow their own food in their gardens and in community spaces.

We’ll be providing 25 families with a raised bed, which we will make with them at a free workshop in March, compost, plants and seeds, to create a growing space in their gardens. Along with this we will hold monthly events at the community centre, where we will have plants to give to the attendees as well offering lots of support and advice on how to get the best from their metre square garden. And in case they are concerned about what their children will do during this event, we’ll be holding a children’s event in the community centre garden, which will see gardening mixed with forest school in a fun and enjoyable way for 6-11 year olds.

So what will the families grow? Well that will be up to them. On 17th February we will be at the community centre where Avonmouth residents who are interested in taking part can come along and find out more! At that meeting we will be talking to people about what they would like to grow, and from that conversation we will order the plug plants that are the most popular choices. This will mean if you want to grow salad and tomatoes, you can but equally if you want to grow kale and pumpkins that will be fine too. We hope that all the families will show that, despite growing in the same, relatively small space, there are lots of things that are possible to grow in a metre square garden, with huge success.

Then at the end of the project we’ll hold a GardenAlong Festival, celebrating all the produce that has been grown, and all the amazing things that have happened or will happen with that produce!

How do I get involved we hear you shout?

Well first and foremost you need to live in Avonmouth. Then come along to the meeting on 17th February at the Community Centre in Avonmouth and sign up for the project and we’ll give you the dates for the events over the next few months, along with any other information you might need to know.

And in the meantime, if you would like to know any further information, please contact or call 07786 194805.


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