We are reaching the point in the season that lots of crops are beginning to be ready to harvest. From Castle Park to the Severn Beach line, strawberries are ripening and beans are growing so we thought it might be useful to talk about why we do the growing that we do and who it’s for.

The aim of Incredible Edible groups across the UK is to support community connectedness and we do that through food growing in public spaces, and creating beauty where once there was nothing. This, of course, also challenges what our public areas look like, and empowers communities to make the changes they want to see, whilst creating harvests for those communities to share.

But what of those harvests? Who are they for? The answer to that is that they are there for everyone and everyone is welcome to help themselves to what they need, leaving plenty for everyone else by just taking what they will use.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be posting on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram where things are ready to be harvested, and some thoughts about how to cook with them and recipe ideas. All we need from you is that you join in the conversation and share with us what you cook, using the #BristolsUrbanHarvest, if you’re on social media!

And if you’re not that doesn’t matter-pick some beans, some herbs or some greens and enjoy being a part of this fabulous Edible Bristol Community!

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