We are often asked about harvesting the crops in the beds and steadily over the course of this year we have seen more and more that people are beginning to use the beds, and often posting photos to our social media pages to show us what they have made with the produce. In fact this weekend we saw the lovely @EllyPear on Instagram and @WithMustard posting to Twitter with pictures of delicious dishes made from edible beds across the city.

There are no rules but we would ask you to only harvest what you know is ready, and take only what you will use so there is plenty to go around. It would be great if you could post pictures of what you make and eat with the produce to our social media pages too so we can spread the inspiration around the city.

So what’s good right now I hear you ask? Well, there are beans at 100 Temple Street and Millennium Square,where there is also kohl rabi, herbs and salads,  kale in the same places, herbs and edible flowers at Thomas Chatterton’s Garden and much. much more across the city….

So go on…..harvest a little something and share the love on social media. We look forward to           seeing what you eat!!IMG_4104IMG_4105

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