Here is our plan for the next few weeks in the face of the ongoing COVID-19 crisisRefocus on becoming food producers and creating learning opportunities for people wanting to begin to grow.

Led by our Head Gardeners, our spaces in both Speedwell and Avonmouth will concentrate on becoming as productive as possible and providing food directly into their communities.

Our core team will work with the safety parameters to make sure this happens and we will continue to share our stories through our website and to social media channels.

Our aim is also to grow enough plant material to ensure that the city centre gardens can be made as productive as possible as soon as we can get back into them safely, ensuring there is a fresh food available across the city as soon as the crisis calms.

We are suggesting to people that there are several ways to get involved.
Firstly, follow our social media for information about growing and how to start in your space, whether it’s a tiny balcony, a small garden or an allotment plot.

If you have seedlings that are surplus to requirement please let us know and we will ensure they get well used.

If you want to volunteer we will have plenty of opportunities once the crisis is over, but in the meantime FareShare South West are looking for people to help ensure our most vulnerable friends and neighbours have access to food, and farms are desperate for pickers, which will be paid work. We’ll post opportunities to our social media platforms.

And finally, we urge everyone to stay at home, stay well and stay safe.

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