Since March we have been working on education packages for early years, primary, secondary and tertiary education. This is an exciting project as we hope it will bring food to the fore in many of our schools and colleges, opening conversation about where our food comes from, how food systems work and how we can improve those systems going into the future.

We are working with UWE to bring about Edible UWE, which will see students access the community garden there and work alongside the grounds manager to make this space productive with the food grown being acccessible to all the students on site. We will be running growing challenges throughout the year, with the first being #toohotforUWE, a chilli growing challenge that will begin on 1st October, and hosting talks and film events for the students in order to keep the food debate ongoing within the institution. We will also be looking for places for UWE students interested in food production to vounteer and find out more about how food production works within a fairly urban environment.

Our early years to secondary team are working on a project that will see food growing as a metaphor for life, going from preparation to growing, maintenance and harvest over the year. Obviously this will be slightly different for every school involved, with some having huge amounts of outdoor space and some having very little, but by looking at the spaces available we want to give every child some sort of  growing and eating experience and to talk about food and open the conversations around food and its production  and distribution. We will engage not just with the children, but with PTA’s and parents to ensure this is a full community project for the school and we hope to find some mentors who can go into the schools to perhaps talk about their growing experiences or to work with the children on the gardens or plots they have.

What is truly exciting from Incredible Edible Bristol’s point of view about these projects, is that we get too talk to the future generations of growers, policy makers, restauranteurs, allotment holders, and above all eaters. We have begun to set outa series of expectations that each school will need to work towards to become an IncrEdible school, and we will post these once we have finalised them.

If you know of a school/college/early years centre that would like to be involved in our project they can email us at sara@ediblebristol for further information and help.



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