Recently we have turned our thoughts more and more towards what sustainability means. Whilst we will always be reliant on funding to some degree, what we know is that as funding is harder and harder to get, we need to focus on creating sustainable funding streams based on what we know we can do well.

Our ongoing plans include more courses and workshops, events at our Speedwell site and growing plants that will be for sale. However, as with everything these things take time . We intend to get far more going throughout this season, and are also very aware of restrictions and the importance of not promising too much whilst we are at a critical point in the pandemic. However, one thing we can look at is marketing our Incredible Flower Club.

From May to October we will be offering people the opportunity to subscribe to our Incredible Flower Club and collect a bucket of flowers twice a month from our site at Speedwell. This will be a very limited offer, as we don’t want to overpromise, and so the first 5 people to sign up will become the 2021 flower club. We also hope to be able to offer club members other flowery opportunities as the season progresses.

The cost to be a member of the Incredible Flower Club in 2021 will be £240 per year, and collections will begin at the start of May. If you would like to be a member please email us at and we will send you all you need to sign up.

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