The last year has been incredibly challenging for everyone and whilst we have continued to grow food and ensure it gets to those who needed and continue to need it, in order to keep everyone safe we have been unable to offer the drop in volunteer community gardening that is at the very core of our ethos. And we have found that really challenging, because it has felt not unlike a betrayal. However, as we move towards an opening up of restrictions we have decided that it’s time to create more drop in type work parties for people to come along and get involved.

We know that being outside is much less risky, but we also are very aware that even within our small team of community gardeners there are mixed feelings about finding ourselves in a position where we have no real clue what normal really is, so we have decided upon a controlled way of opening up, that will open opportunities but take everyone’s concerns into consideration.

From 31st May we will b opening up to more volunteering and whilst it won’t just be show up and get involved it will mean more opportunities for everyone to get involved. The process will involve all our work parties being advertised both here on events and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and we will ask you to drop us an email to if you would like to come along to a specific work party. We will then get back to you with a really simple health and safety form and once you have returned that you will be booked into the work party. We do understand that that process may feel a tad clunky, and we hope to be able to return to simple drop ins within the next few months. Bear with us!!

And for those who may not have volunteered with us before, everyone is welcome, you need no experience or skills, we will provide tools and all you need to do is turn up and get involved. At the moment we are asking that you bring your own refreshments but we do hope to get back to offering teas and coffees soon.

The first work parties will drop next week and we can’t wait to see you in a garden soon.

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