We were thrilled last week that our exciting project, supported by the Bristol City Centre Business Improvement District, was launched as a part of the #GreenerBristol campaign. We have been planning and working on the raised beds for several months, working with a local carpenter and maker to design the beds especially for the city centre.

There are 35 beds in all, and the project will bring several things to the city centre. All of the plants in the beds are, of course, edible, and we will share lists of what is in each bed on a separate page along with instructions of how to harvest and when. Whilst none of the beds contain what we might see in allotments or market gardens, they are filled with plants we regularly use in our edible landscaping and are all fairly low maintenance, and so super useful for those wishing to grow some food but short on time.

The joy to us of this project, as well as the opportunities for collaboration it has brought us both with the Business Improvement District and the organisations who have supported us by offering some maintenance, is that it gives us the opportunity to bring seasonality to the city centre. Many of the plants, whilst being perennial and coming back year after year, are only harvestable for a short period whist they are fruiting, and equally for some once they have flowered it’s wise to stop harvesting, and leave them to concentrate on growing. This is why it’s so great to have the signs on the beds that we can change as the plants go from season to season. and let everyone know what’s ready and what isn’t.

It’s also fabulous that we can do projects like these as it means we can support local growers and nurseries. All the plants were grown in the Bristol area and bought through Riverside Garden Centre in Southville, another local collaborator and social enterprise.

Whilst the plants bed in and begin to grow please bear with us. It won’t be long until you can harvest a few berries, some herbs or some leaves to take home for your tea!!

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