For the last 2 months we have been crowdfunding through Spacehive for funds to carry out more amazing projects  with communities in our amazing city of Bristol. We needed just over £4,000, for signage for gardens we have already worked on, to put towards three new projects that we can start planning now, and for some marketing and media materials.

We were incredibly fortunate that Experian saw our project and decided to add £2,250 to the pot, which had us all jumping up and down with joy, but with a little over a week to go we still needed over £1,000 to get us to our target. At this point we should say a massive hooray to the power of social media. We tweeted like crazy, used Facebook  and emailed everyone and anyone and finally, with 24 hours to go, an anonymous donor added the final £130 to the pot. Whoever that person was, I salute you and thank you enormously as I woke on Thursday morning expecting to spend most of the day drumming up support through Twitter, emails and Facebook, and to find that target had been reached was astonishing and there may have been tears of relief.

However, we need to say thank you to everyone, everywhere, up and down the country, who have supported us, either by giving themselves, or by constantly retweeting or sharing Facebook posts. It is truly humbling to know that people see our project as one that is worthy of their support, and each and we look forward to sharing this amazing journey with each and every one of them.

Also we must give a thank you to Spacehive, who regularly supported us and generally believed in us. Without doubt we will crowdfund with Spacehive again!!

And now we must continue in our mission to turn Bristol into the UK’s first edible city, with food available on streets, in parks, on roundabouts and on unused pieces of land, in doctor’s surgeries, hospitals and schools, and anywhere and everywhere for everyone. Thank you to everyone for the unending support-it means the world.

The Veg Bed in Castle Park being grazed!!

The Veg Bed in Castle Park being grazed!!

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