A little while ago the amazin people of the Bristol Wood Recycling Project gave us some planters that had been given to them by a local restuarant who no longer needed them. They were delivered to St Matthias Park and will be turned into planting beds for food. The concept behind all projects that are in open spaces is that the food is there to be taken by anyone, and it is actually vital that the food is used or else it just becomes a waste and there is enough waste food in the world without us adding to that pile!!

The Food For Free project began in Austen, Texas and helps people to grow food in their front gardens that can then be used as part of the project, with the basic idea being that whatever is left over is left by the garden with a Food For Free sign so that people know that the produce is there to be taken. As we are beginning to grow in parks and public spaces it seemed obvious that we become a satellite of this project in the UK. So far there are Food For Free beds in Castle Park and Millennium Square but watch this space for more info as we expand the project. There is more info about the Food For Free Project here

On 17th August in St Matthias Park we will be holding a volunteering event to make the beds useable and fill them with compost ready for planting. Please do come along. More info can be found about that event here

Food For Free

Food For Free


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