IMG_4218An edible garden in the space of a car parking space!!

This year, as part of Bristol’s Chelsea Fringe, Alan Down of Cleeve Nursery has grown an edible garden, all in containers, that literally fits into the space that is the equivalent of a car parking space. This is brilliant for many reasons. Firstly it shows that pretty much anything can be grown in a container as long as the container is large enough. Secondly it shows that you can get a whole lot of fruit and veg into a very small area and keep it looking very beautiful, with a seating area, trees, shrubs, herbs and annuals. Thirdly it’s inspirational and will give everyone who engages with it food for thought and encouragement to get growing in whatever space they may have.

The garden has been moving around Bristol, starting with a day on the harbourside and spending today on a parking space opposite City Hall on Park St, which was great as it meant George Ferguson could pop over for a chat and a sit down in the garden this afternoon, and then tweet about it! For the weekend the garden will be in the garden area of The Folk House¬†on Park Street. To see it you will need to walk down the dark corridor to The Folk House and when you come out of the darkness the stunning garden will be in front of you in all it’s glory. Do go-Chelsea Fringe is an exciting garden festival and the Cleeve Edible Garden is beautiful.



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