Growing herbs

Herbs are one of the most versatile types of plants that can be grown. Whether used as herbs in cooking, to make teas or medicinally, they comprise plants that are generally very beautiful, in many cases are perennial so last for years, and are generally pollinator friendly when they are in flower. Plus of course there are many that have scented foliage as well as flowers.

They are also brilliant because they can generally be grown anywhere and don’t need a garden to be successful. Soft herbs such as parsley, basil and sage will grow happily on a sunny windowsill, and all herbs will do well in containers, making them ideal for balcony growing.

And of course if you’re lucky enough to have a garden or an allotment the world is your oyster when it comes to herb growing. Whether used in garden borders, in an area that becomes a herb garden or in a forest garden, herbs are vital to our gardens and food growing spaces. Whether a lavender hedge, a statement bay tree or basil on your windowsill, there’s a space for herb growing in all our spaces.