Potting on

Potting on is very simple but does take a little bit of patience and care. The answer to success is to be prepared beforehand with everything that might be needed.

If the seedlings are going into pots or modules, fill them with soil.

Make sure there is a tool available to make a hole in the soil-seedlings fail due mainly to root disturbance so it’s good to make the holes for the roots to be planted in before you remove the seedling from the tray or module.

To remove seedlings from modules squeeze the edges of the module to loosen the seedling and it will come out with a gentle pull.

To remove seedlings from a seed tray put a plant label into the soil at the side of the seedling and gently push the roots up and out of the soil.

Once the seedling is in its new pot or module ensure it is firmly in place and water the soil, not the plant.

Seeds that have been sown into pots are usually ready to go straight outside once they have roots appearing out of the bottom of the pot.