Getting Involved as a Business.

If you are a business owner, large or small, there are many ways to get involved with Incredible Edible Bristol. From creating you bespoke gardens for your staff to tend, to putting on events for your staff to volunteer at, the list is endless. However here are a few thoughts…….

We can create you an edible garden in your space for your staff to tend and enjoy. With our ever increasingly busier lives, what a great gift to your staff, to give them a calming space where they can potter, clear their heads and which will support both physical and mental wellbeing.

We love putting on corporate responsibility days forĀ businessesĀ and really getting them involved in our larger projects. We will organise this as a bespoke event so do get in touch.

Advertise our events in your company newsletter and encourage your staff to get involved outside work hours.

Our founder, Sara Venn, is available to talk to businesses about Incredible Edible both locally and worldwide.

Perhaps you have staff who are unable to garden but could offer other skills? We are always open to ideas of support of any kind so do get in touch.

Donate to us!! You probably saw that one coming, but by donating funds you are supporting communities across the city to turn more lost and unloved spaces into beautiful and productive gardens, making the city a better place for you and your staff to live in. You can donate here.

And of course if you have any other thoughts about how you might like to get involved, just get in touch. Our contact email is

Thank you-we look forward to working with you.