Student Involvement.

As valued members of the Bristol community we love it when students from both our local colleges and universities want to get involved with Incredible Edible Bristol! It’s a joy to see young people come along and getting involved in their communities, meeting other people and learning the skills of food growing and working the land.

However, we are always inundated with requests from students who are working on projects, dissertations and assignments and as a voluntary organisation we really struggle with this as our capacity is focused on growing food for people in the 40+ spaces we support. The aim of this page is to set out how students can get involved with us, without it feeling overwhelming to our team, or not a great experience for you, as a student.

So first of all, our ask to anyone who wants to get involved in Incredible Edible Bristol is to come along to a work party and get involved with the work we do on the ground. This will give you an opportunity to meet new people, learn new skills and generally have a great time in one of the spaces we support. However, we must caveat that with a request-please don’t assume the team will have time to answer specific questions as we are there to ensure our community gardeners are properly supported and the gardens are both beautiful and productive.

If you decide you might like to write about us, please get in touch with us before hand and see if there is anything in particular e would like researching. We genuinely love it when students do this but it also allows us to work with a preplanned number of students who have shown us true support by getting involved and then taking away our research questions. It also means we don’t overstretch ourselves, and that those we can work with get the best experience.

We work with both universities to offer student projects each year. Get in touch with your liason officer if you think you might be interested in doing this kin of project. We can only offer 1 or 2 per year but they are always interesting and great to work on.

Finally a word around photography. We need to speak with volunteers prior to a photographer arriving and often they are not happy to be a part of photos that might become public. Because of this we insist on photographers from outside the organisation bring their own permission slips, and ensuring thy are correctly filled in. Our priority has to be the safeguarding of our community gardeners so please do get in touch before you come along to a work party and we will let you know which work parties are ok for you to attend.

Finally, do come along and join in! You might even get to take some food home with you!!