Edible Bristol Social Media Policy

Incredible Edible Bristol (IEB) is a community food growing movement in the form of a constituted community group (unincorporated association). Our members pay no dues and receive no financial rewards for their membership, nor are there any requirements for membership – except perhaps that you live in the greater Bristol area and eat food!

IEB is not affiliated to any political party or government agency. It is entirely independent. The ‘unincorporated association’ legal structure was chosen by the IEB founders to enable us to apply for any funding opportunities that might become available, and to have our collective voice recognised by our local council and in our community. We have a Management Committee  who meet regularly to steer the Group’s ‘official’ activities.

As an open network of individuals with a broad common goal (the growing of local food, freely available for all) we are not responsible for, nor in control of, the opinions, conversations and actions of those individuals. Nor do we want to be.

We do however have a moral and (on occasion) legal obligation to share responsibility for the actions and publicly voiced opinions of individual members of the Management Committee,  and any other specific project steering groups, when they are acting in an ‘official’ capacity, on behalf of IEB.

The main (official) Incredible Edible Bristol Facebook Page and Twitter accounts are looked after by members of our Management Team. There is no guideline document for those individuals, just this simple paragraph which can be applied to all our activities, whether on- or offline.

We believe in open, authentic communication; in diversity; in the freedom and right of the individual to hold and express their own beliefs and opinions. BUT we also believe in kindness, compassion and love; that everyone has value and something to contribute; in treating each other with respect. So it’s okay to disagree. It’s okay to voice a differing opinion. But it’s not okay to do either of those things in a way that belittles, bullies or insults another human being.  

We think the world would be a nicer place if everyone lived by these words, but that’s just our opinion.

We are all human, some days we have more patience and love in us than others. If you see any behaviour, online or off-, from anyone acting on behalf of IEB that seems at odds with the above paragraph, please contact us, and after a good beating, we will publicly humiliate, and then gag the guilty party. Kidding. Obvs. 🙂

IEB Management Team