Edible Fishponds Work Party 38

We will be at the gardens on Straits Parade between 11 and 1 this Saturday. Hopefully the sun will still be out and we can get this garden ready for the real start of spring in a couple of weeks.

Come for ten minutes or stay for the whole event. The more the merrier and you can talk to us about what’s happening in this garden.

Everybody is welcome. We will bring the tea…!

Millennium Square Work Party

Come along to the gardens in millennium square as we start to prepare them for autumn and winter.

There is always a lot to do in these gardens so we appreciate all the love you give them by coming along and getting involved. Over the summer they had a particularly difficult time so join us as we continue to work to bring them back from the brink!

Everyone is welcome and as always we will bring the tea!

We’re a Beacon Group!!

As you will all know, we are a part of a large movement of Incredible Edible towns and cities that span not just the UK but also the globe. This movement was inspired but the work of Incredible Edible Todmorden and has been supported by the Incredible Edible Network, founded by Pam Warhurst,  since around 2012. Our founder, Sara Venn, is also Vice Chair of the IENetwork and along with others involved has been working very hard to bring together a project called Roots and Branches that will see 6 Beacons across the UK help to support new groups to form and established groups to bloom.

Incredible Edible is not just about food growing or community gardens, but is about spinning the 3 Incredible Plates. Those plates, of community, business and learning mean that in every place across the UK the work is done differently whilst the ethos is the same. For some the business plate is about supporting local, for others it is about working with businesses around funding. For some learning is all about schools when for others it is about upskilling communities. It’s about finding the way to create your local solutions to global issues and bring your communities together. It’s a powerful tool!!

Recently the National Lottery agreed to fund this work, and we were all excited to announce this project yesterday.

So what can you expect? Well, business will be as normal but we will be in a position to support more growing in public spaces both in and around the city of Bristol but also further afield in the south west area. Sara and the other Beacon leads from across the UK will be ensuring that there is available information on a new Incredible Edible Network website for new and interested groups to be able to access for information about how to get involved with Incredible Edible where ever you are in the country, and more importantly share the mistakes they all made to ensure new groups have a smoother ride!!

The Incredible Edible Network has received £400,000 for this work, of which about £12,000 will be available to Incredible Edible Bristol over 2 years, and with which we will be supporting new groups and individuals to learn more about becoming Incredible Edible and about growing in general. If you would like any further info please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

In case you’d like to know who the other Beacons are, they include Incredible Education in Salford, Incredible Edible Wakefield, Incredible Edible Dunstable, Incredible Edible Conwy and Middlesborough Environment City, all of whom are doing extraordinary work across the UK!!



Severnside Community Rail Garden Day

On the first Friday of each month we take to the rails with Severnside Community Rail Partnership on the Severn Beach Line. On this session we will be visiting Laurence Hill and Montpelier, tidying up the containers on the station platforms and generally just having a good time on the line!

If you would like to win us for this session, please email hannah@ediblebristolorguk.wpcomstaging.com to book your place.




A Trip on the Severn Beach Line

Recently we have been doing some more work with the Severnside Community Rail Partnership and are looking at how we support edible planting for people and pollinators along the Severn Beach Line. We will be having a monthly work party along the line  and this is the first of those sessions.

As there are limited spaces for these work parties, we are going to ask that you email us to book your space on the party!! So drop a line to hannah@ediblebristolorguk.wpcomstaging.com and we will get back to you. Unfortunately children under the age of 16 cannot be taken on these journeys due to issues around safety.

This session will include visits to both Stapleton Road and Lawrence Hill stations and we will be departing on the 9.16 train from Temple Meads…..