Free Food Growing Courses!!

Pumpkins at Cultivation Place

We hope that got your attention!!

Pumpkins at Cultivation Place

With thanks to the National Lottery we are able to offer some free courses to people living in certain parts of Bristol. We have chosen the areas based on some work we undertook last year that focuses on things that stop people becoming involved in food growing and gardening, as we believe it is vital to the future of horticulture that gardening becomes accessible and a place everyone feels welcome.

And what do we mean by gardening? It’s not just pretty flowers. with that it’s likely that the word gardening in the uk is really one that is going to be relegated to the past, as when we look at the gardening media, programmes about gardening and gardening events, and see that gardening as a concept appears to be one that is white, middle class, and one that relies on access to land. We don’t think this is fair, or right, as we know that across our towns and cities there are people growing food, growing flowers and tending to spaces for nature, who are from our diverse and marginalised communities. We know that up and down the UK we see refugees and asylum seekers growing food and community on allotments and other community spaces. We also know that most allotment sites are microcosms of the community that surrounds them, and as well as being important for growing and for individuals to feel connected with our planet, they are also vital places for communities to meet and to begin to understand and integrate with each other. They are places where food cultures meet, where a diversity of seeds are exchanged and where generational skills are passed to new people to keep those skills alive.

So with that when we hear communities telling us that they don’t get involved because they don’t recognise themselves in what they see as gardening on TV, in the media and at events, we see that we need to take up the challenge and create a new world that comes from a garden, but a garden where we all feel at home. Where everyone is equal and where food and growing culture is celebrated whilst we work on the acts of food growing and healthy land management. Where gardening doesn’t mean owning land, but where the creation of a garden from lost, unloved space in a city is celebrated and seen as communities finding their their own responses to the huge global issues of the climate and biodiversity, as well as working towards food justice.

Of course there’s more to it than just enthusing and welcoming people. Access to land to grow is becoming more and more of an issue, and further and further from people’s reality. The most marginalised people in cities are always those with least access to land and to nature and when we think about Bristol and it’s high rises it’s not difficult to see that is as true here as anywhere else. Land is at such a premium that it’s nigh on impossible to access it without generational wealth, and again that most negatively affects marginal, or new communities in the city. But surely then that is an ask to our city council and others, to open up land, open up parks and public housing land, to communities wanting to grow. The huge tracts of land that surround our tower blocks, the marginal areas of the city, the railway sidings and space waiting to be developed, are all possibilities with the right policy in place and an understanding that as a species we need to connect with nature and with soil and where our food comes from.

Gardening has become a safe space according to the garden media. We are set to show that gardening and food growing is revolutionary and creates opportunities not just for people to connect, but to create jobs, through education and an understanding that if we are to decarbonise we need land based livelihoods and localised food systems. And this is our hope with these free courses. If people have not had the opportunity to have a go, to grow something, anything, how can they take the opportunities that gardening gives seriously? This is the opportunity to change that!

Eventually we hope this course will be available to all and that paying participants will subsidise free places, but for now check the list below of postcodes that qualify and we look forward to seeing you in the garden!

Courses are free for people from the following postcodes. BS2,BS3,BS4, BS5,BS7, BS11, BS13,BS14,BS16

Once signed up we will contact you and ask 2 questions-what is your postcode and most importantly what is it that makes you feel unwelcome in the gardening world?

Links to courses will be here and will be regularly updated

Cultivation Place Work Party

Our Cultivation Place is at Speedwell Allotments and is our main teaching area. This work party will be focused on a new space we have taken on and will include lots of digging out weeds and generally sorting out and clearing the space!!

If you’d like to join us please return the below form to and we will confirm your place!

Community Gardener Health and Safety Form

Incredible Learning Zone Work Party

Join us for a work party maintaining the gardens at the allotment site in Speedwell. We’ll be focusing on the forest garden area of the space at this work party, looking at adding paths and plants and looking at how we can add to the beauty as well as the abundance of this space.

If you’d like to join is fill in the attached form, return it to and we will confirm your place.

Community Gardener Health and Safety Form

Castle Park Work Party

The bed in Castle Park is thriving but there is further work to be done to keep it both abundant and beautiful. So why not join us for a morning of abundance creation? We’ll provide the tools, plants and knowledge and you can just come along and get stuck in growing food in the centre of our city!

If you’d like to join us please return the attached form to and we will confirm your place.

Community Gardener Health and Safety Form

Millennium Square Work Party

Join us at Millennium Square for our work party, and help us to support more food growing and free food across the city. No experience is needed, and we will supply you with tools and all the support you need to help us to return the gardens in the square to their pre cover state!!

If you’d like to join us please return the form below and we will let you confirm your place with you.

Community Gardener Health and Safety Form

Millennium Square Work Party


For some time Covid stopped regular work parties in the 5 gardens in Millennium Square but now we are back there 3 times a month, and are able to offer spaces out to folk to get involved. Obviously things are still somewhat different to pre cover times and we are asking anyone who would like to attend to fill in the form below and send it to and we will get back to you to let you know that you are on the list. There are limited spaces in order to ensure everyone’s safety so it will be first come, first served, but we hope to be able to offer more places soon.

All Millennium Square work parties involve some maintenance of the space, with weeding and clearing quite a large part of each work party, but we will also focus hard on getting lots of delicious veg back into the beds , which is, of course, available to anyone to use. Each work party is facilitated by one of our incredible facilitators who will be able to talk you through the jobs being done, will have tools and everything you might need to get involved. We do, however, ask that you bring your own gloves and hand sanitiser.

Community Gardener Health and Safety Form