Get Growing

We have added six more Get Growing workshops in the coming months.

These workshops, led by our founder, horticulturalist and food activist Sara Venn, are an opportunity to learn the building blocks of good growing with nature and soil at it’s core. We will cover no dig, seasonal growing and growing from seed, as well as basic propagation skills and how to build habitats to support your garden against pests and diseases.

The workshops are highly subsidised and we anticipate a waiting list so if you decide you no longer need your ticket, please do let us know.

All tickets can be bought via this link

The Edible Bristol How To Grow Course

Our How To Grow course is 4 weeks, on concurrent Saturday mornings, of learning the building blocks of successful and ecologically sound gardening and growing.

We start with the most important block of all, soil, and then lead onto growing from seed, composting, basic propagation and how to grow and be pesticide free.

This course is for beginners and people who want to have more confidence in the garden, or just more about growing in tune with nature. Don’t hesitate to email us with any questions.

It will run concurrently throughout the year. there are two places per course that are free to marginalised groups and people who otherwise are unable to access the course. These places are aimed at BAME, LQBTQ+ and young people aged 16-24. If you’re not sure if you qualify please do get in touch.

Beginning 5th March

Beginning 16th April  

Beginning 11th June


Welcome to 2022

As we head into the new year we are starting to open up opportunities for new core team members.
Our core team are the community gardeners that make all this work possible. They join us at work parties, at events and in gardens that we are supporting and get the occasional opportunity to visit places with us. And alongside that we promise to support them to learn growing skills, taking them with us on the journey of the seasons, sowing, propagating, planting out crops, maintaining them and then of course harvesting. Core team members need nothing but enthusiasm when they join us, and our gift to them is a year of practical horticultural skills……
To join the core team a commitment to join two of our four hour work parties per month is needed, but there’s no need for any skills or tools as we will bring those with us, to you.
Do you think this might be you? If you would like further information please do get in touch with us and we can have a conversation. The email to get in touch with us on is

Our How To Grow course is open!!

Our online course is now open for sign ups once again. The course will begin on June 1st

This course will be six weeks, with an expectation of 3-4 hours of work per week, which will include a webinar, an online Q&A session along with written materials and resources to give a basic, but thorough, understanding of the building blocks of any garden, from large through to a tiny balcony or even windowsill growing. The cost of the course will again be £75.00 . However, we do have an opportunity to fund 2 places for people from the BAME community which we are very pleased to announce. If you are interested in this offer send an email to and we will get back to you. These places will be on a first come, first served basis, and there will be more opportunities for communities less seen in horticulture to access both online and in real life courses coming up very soon.

We will begin with the importance of building a healthy soil, and go through seasonal seed sowing, propagation, composting, peat and disease, seasonal growing and how as gardeners and growers we can help to regenerate the planet through our growing techniques. We will focus on organic and ecologically sound techniques and the importance of working with nature, rather than against. this course will look at the building blocks we need to grow a garden so is entirely appropriate for both foo and flower growers, and although we will focus on veg there will be ornamental examples in each section.

How To Grow will be taught by Sara Venn, our founder who has many years experience including a degree in horticulture and many years experience of growing with ornamentals and food.

This course will run throughout the year with a small break of a week or two between so this isn’t your only chance to take part.

How to sign up is in the document below. Please fill in the form and return it to