Edible Horfield Common Work Party

Why not come along and help us at the Edible Horfield Common Garden, behind The Ardagh? We will be planting, weeding, maintaining and probably drinking tea and having fun!!

We are also looking at extending the garden a bit for some more crops so we will be taking up some more turf in order for that to start!! Exciting times ahead for this garden!!


Edible Horfield Common Work Party

Have you seen the productive gardens tucked away at the back of The Ardagh?

Why not come along and take a look, and find out what we are doing? We would love to see you and chat about what we are doing here and across our wider Bristol network.

We’ll be sowing and planting today too, as well as looking at what we might be planning for later in the season.


Horfield Common Edible Garden Work Party

The gardens at behind the Ardagh at Horfield Common are starting to look great coming into their 2nd real season. There has been some moving about of plants and now we are ready to get planting!

Everyone is welcome to these sessions, and we look forward to growing food that will be available to all in the community to share.

Why not pop along, find out what we are about and how you can get involved?