Millennium Square Work Party

Come along to the gardens in millennium square as we start to prepare them for autumn and winter.

There is always a lot to do in these gardens so we appreciate all the love you give them by coming along and getting involved. Over the summer they had a particularly difficult time so join us as we continue to work to bring them back from the brink!

Everyone is welcome and as always we will bring the tea!

Millennium Square Work Party

The gardens in Millennium Square have struggled in the heatwave, but there is still plenty to get on with and this session will see us concentrating on the herb and soft fruit bed. we”l be clearing a lot of overgrown plants and weeds, thoroughly watering the whole bed, and making a plan for what we need to replant once the weather breaks.

Why not come along and join us? There will also be lentil harvesting and other work to do so plenty to get on with.


Millennium Square Work Party

Why not come along and help us prepare the beds for the growing season ahead?

This year we will be working with the British Dal Festival to show how you can grow pulses in the UK to cook with, and this session will be the first that looks at peeping the beds ready for planting. We’ll be removing and potting up strawberries as well as giving at least one bed a good dig over ready for planting in March.

Everyone is welcome and no gardening experience is needed! Just turn up and any time during the work party and get involved!!

Millennium Square Work Party

Come and join us for this work party which will focus on preparing the beds for winter and ensuring the health of the soil. We’ll be mulching with compost donated to us by the brilliant folk at Almondsbury Garden Centre, and making sure our tender perennial crops are well prepared for the winter ahead….

Pop along any time between 10 and 2 and stay for as long as you are able, be that 10 minutes of a few hours. We look forward to seeing you there.


Millennium Square Work Party

Our bi-weekly work party at Millennium Square will concentrate on the herb beds both in front of the new We The Curious building was well as in the bed in Millennium Square. We have mint and lemon balm which have both gone crazy and need removing, and there is lots of tidying needed in the main herb bed under the soft fruit to ensure it has enough air to fruit well.

Come along and join us! There may even be spare plants to give away!