Millennium Square Urban Allotments

Millenium Square Urban Allotments

The 5 beds in Millennium Square are themed  so that each bed tells a story of how space can be efficiently used when it is at a premium, to grow maximum crops and show what can be grown in a small, urban space.

Starting with the bed by the Planetarium, the themes are

  • Soft fruit, herbs and edible flowers/pollinator friendly planting
  • Soft fruit-mainly strawberries
  • Salads and quick crops along with beans
  • Vegetables
  • Herbs and late winter crops











Each bed also contains fruit trees that over the years will become fully fruiting if small trees. These are all apples and pears at the moment but other species will be added over time.

These are by no means set in stone but we hope that by doing things this way we can guarantee that something will be growing in each bed all year round. This winter we are going to grow some green manures in some of the beds overwinter as well, in order to continue to work on the soil health in each bed.



These beds are supported by Almondsbury Garden Centre and At Bristol, who own the beds.

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